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Last week, I had two articles released by leading publications.

First, Middle Market Executive published “Increasing Your Company’s Value by Streamlining the Black Box.” Generally, the main takeaway from the article is that you should review your balance sheet to ensure that you are deriving as much value from it as possible. While it is possible to get value from excess capital present on your balance sheet during a transaction, it is much easier to streamline your balance sheet and extract any extra value from yet well before the transaction takes place. MME will soon be publishing my new series tentatively titled “The Inner Workings of a Deal” which will be a lengthy series taking an in-depth look at a transaction from start to finish.

Second, Forbes published “Why Build Expertise When You Can Buy It? Lockheed Martin Looks to the Lower Middle Market for Growth.” Lockheed recently acquired Industrial Defender, a small middle market company that is an expert in cybersecurity. Generally, the transaction provides guidance for my clients: Look to provide value that is easier to buy than to build. I’ll be a regular contributor to Forbes, focusing on applying my large market cap expertise to my clients: middle market business owners.

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