Marketing Your Company for Sale just published the latest in my series of articles on “The Inner Workings of a Deal.”  This installment is entitled “Marketing Your Company.”

This month, I describe the process of creating a marketing package for your company, as well mmx_logoas identifying an appropriate selection of potential acquirers for your business.

While I will let you read the article in its entirety at Middle Market Executive, the key takeaway is that you only have one chance to make a first impression on a potential acquirer.  Consequently, you’ll want to prepare a high-quality marketing package to use for the process.  The marketing book should do the following things:

1.  Tell the Story:  Buyers want to know who you are and why they should invest in your business.

2.  Provide a Meaningful Financial Summary:  Potential acquirers will start their review with financial information.

3.  Explain the Company’s Operations:  Provide a summary of the company’s operations – employees, customers, vendors, sales, marketing, manufacturing, etc.  Make sure to address any key risk factors.

4.  Provide Future Opportunities:  Explain why the company is poised for growth and why the buyer’s investment will be a good one.


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