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How to Execute a Contract with an M&A Intermediary

For entrepreneurs and middle market business owners, the sale of your business is likely the only time you will ever go through the M&A process. To ensure success, enlisting the help of a trusted expert is a crucial step in securing the best deal possible. Once you have selected an intermediary, they will undoubtedly ask you to sign a contract governing your relationship with them. While there are many forms of these contracts, all will address a number of common issues. Duration/Exclusivity Read More [...]

Define Your Goals Before You Sell

The first and most important steps to take before selling your business are A) analyzing your own goals for wanting to complete a transaction; and B) deciding on the right type of deal to aim for. These steps are crucial because they will define how you prepare for the transaction and how to best structure your company for a successful sale. Generally, business owners in the middle market have one of two entirely different
reasons for wanting to sell. The first is the more obvious in a country Read More [...]