Monthly Archives: April 2015

Step-by-Step for Successful M&A Transactions: Vintage Announces Three-Part Educational Webinar Series

Vintage, the capital markets, corporate services and institutional & fund services division of PR Newswire, is pleased to invite securities lawyers and senior executives at entrepreneurial start-up organizations, emerging growth companies, private companies and public companies to attend this new education webinar series: The Inner Workings of a Deal. Delivered succinctly and in plain English, this three-part series will walk viewers through the workings of a merger and acquisition. The Read More [...]

How to Interact with Prospective Buyers of Your Business

Interacting with prospective buyers can be an intimidating task for business owners who are new to the M&A process. In my experience, the primary thing that buyers care about is not making a bad acquisition. Consequently, their initial focus will be both on whether the company is a good fit for their needs and what the significant down side risks of the opportunity are. Therefore, your advisor will be asked a lot of questions about customer and vendor concentration, payment problems, litigation, Read More [...]

Choosing the Right M&A Intermediary

For entrepreneurs and middle market business owners, the sale of your business could very well be the biggest deal of your life. It is probably the only time you ever go through the M&A process, so enlisting the help of a trusted expert is a crucial step in securing the best deal possible. These intermediaries run from business brokers on the low end to Wall Street investment banks on the high end. While they all serve the same purpose, creating a transaction between a willing buyer and a Read More [...]