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Why Hire an Intermediary to Sell Your Business?

The first question many business owners have when they are ready to pursue a transaction involving their company is whether they should engage the help of an intermediary or do it themselves. I am a deal professional, so I am clearly biased toward advising owners that intermediaries are worthwhile investments and can assist in creating value in a transaction. However, you can go it alone. Many deals are done in the middle market without an intermediary. But, just like you wouldn’t represent Read More [...]

How To Find a Buyer for Your Business

Are you ready to sell your business? OK! But before you cash out, you’ll need to find potential buyers. Middle market companies should generally be marketed to two broad groups of potential buyers: financial buyers and strategic buyers. Know your targets Financial buyers tend to be professional investors that don’t have deep operational experience. These buyers, mostly private equity firms, family offices, and the like, tend to seek companies that have existing management teams that Read More [...]