Monthly Archives: September 2014

Selling Your Business The Smart Way on MSNBC

I was recently interviewed on MSNBC's Your Business with JJ Ramberg.   They were nice enough to have me on the show to talk about the things you need to do to start planning for the sale of your business. The key bullet points: 1.  Invest in people and processes 2.  Focus on what you do best, outsource the rest 3.  Create recurring revenue streams 4.  Get your house in order Watch the rest here: Read More [...]

Minecraft and an M&A Bubble?

My current Forbes column discusses Microsoft's rumored decision to buy Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion.  Apparently someone at Microsoft really likes Minecraft and is willing to pay anything to play it on a Windows phone. While the deal is interesting, the real point is that the M&A landscape is truly frothy, even in the middle market.  Seeking Alpha posted a great article last week highlighting some notable deal statistics, including debt multiples and EBITDA multiple trends. Overall, Read More [...]