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More on “Buy and Build”

Last week, Forbes published my article on "The 'Buy and Build' Strategy - Spotlight On A Modern Day Private Equity Trend." One aspect of these strategies that I didn't mention in the article is the size and capabilities of the companies that are used as the platforms and as the add-ons. Generally speaking, private equity investors need to be able to scale investments quickly in order to make a Buy and Build strategy work.  Consequently, the platform company needs to have management and infrastructure Read More [...]

2014 M&A Trends

Last week, Axial posted a list of "14 Must Read Quotes from 1H 2014," which included my thoughts on top trends impacting deal flow quality and price.  The list includes a variety of insights and developments in M&A. I thought I'd highlight a few of what I thought to be the most interesting and relevant points for my clients: 1.  Quality of Earnings Reports: Expect that buyers will want to do a Quality of Earnings Report as part of the due diligence around a transaction.  This has become Read More [...]

Maximizing the Value of Your Deal: Prepare!

Selling a company requires the same level of planning that any other business activity requires.  With advance planning, you'll be able to significantly increase the post-tax value of a transaction.  Surprisingly, many of my clients don't start the planning cycle until it is too late. Last week, Middle Market Executive published the second in my series on the Inner Workings of a Deal, entitled "Preparing for a Deal: What to Expect When You're Expecting." While my full advice can be seen in Read More [...]

Preparing for Business Disputes

This week, my Forbes article will be focusing on disputes among business partners. Business owners often get into trouble when they don't plan for potential disputes with their partners.  At the outset of every new business venture, business relationships tend to be all smiles and cheery attitudes.  But, every relationship can take a bad turn, and business relationships are no different to personal ones. Wise business owners plan for these sorts of events in advance.  What happens if your Read More [...]