Monthly Archives: April 2014

Global M&A Passes $1.2 Trillion in 2014 YTD

The Financial Times reported yesterday that to date, 2014 has produced $1.2 trillion worth of global M&A transactions.  This is the largest amount since before the big recession, when in 2007, M&A hit $1.4 trillion over the same time period. While obviously, much of this volume has been driven by mega transactions valued in the tens of billions, there is application to the middle market as well.  The reason is that the forces driving mega transactions are also driving middle market deals. 1. Read More [...]

New Articles

Last week, I had two articles released by leading publications. First, Middle Market Executive published "Increasing Your Company's Value by Streamlining the Black Box." Generally, the main takeaway from the article is that you should review your balance sheet to ensure that you are deriving as much value from it as possible. While it is possible to get value from excess capital present on your balance sheet during a transaction, it is much easier to streamline your balance sheet and extract Read More [...]

Should You Tell Your Staff of Your Plans to Sell?

Whether to include your senior staff in the M&A process is always a tough question. Ultimately, the answer depends on the type of transaction you expect to complete. There are countervailing reasons to include or not to include them.  On the plus side, you'll need help to get through a sale of your company.  There is simply going to be a lot of work to do providing the due diligence information that a buyer is going to want to see prior to a transaction.  Unless you can provide detailed Read More [...]